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Awards & Recognition

Addis Enterprises is proud to be recognized for our award-winning campaigns and love celebrating our achievements. Scroll down below for a list of our entire awards.

We won the following awards: American Advertising Awards, MarCom Awards, Pollie Awards, and Reed Awards.

Awards & Recognition

Addis Enterprises is proud to be recognized for our award-winning campaigns and love celebrating our achievements. Scroll down below for a list of our entire awards.

We won the following awards: American Advertising Awards, MarCom Awards, Pollie Awards, and Reed Awards.

127 Awards Won!

Over the years, our team members have won more than one hundred local and national awards in categories as diverse as print and digital campaigns, web development, 2D/3D animation, logo design, video production, photography, music composition, and social media marketing.

platinum-marcom-award-iconPlatinum Marcom Award

gold-marcom-award-iconGold Marcom Award

honor-marcom-award-iconHonorable Mention Marcom Award

diamond-addy-award-iconDiamond American Advertising Award

best-addy-award-iconBest of Show American Advertising Award

gold-addy-award-iconGold American Advertising Award

silver-addy-award-iconSilver American Advertising Award

bronze-addy-award-iconBronze American Advertising Award

merit-addy-award-iconMerit American Advertising Award

gold-reed-award-iconNational First Place Reed Award

top3-reed-award-iconTop Three National Finalist Reed Award

gold-polly-award-iconNational AAPC Pollie Award


Branding and Marketing

  • Aaruni for City Council Logo Design  gold-marcomaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon
  • Aaruni for School Board Logo gold-reedaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon
  • Armory Smooth Jazz Fete Branding Campaign platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Battle for the Mitten Logo/Branding gold-addyaward-icon
  • Blaze N’ Star Logo silver-addyaward-icon
  • Charles Ford for Judge Logo/Branding honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Dart Development “Distinctive” Branding bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Kramer Management Group Branding merit-addyaward-icon
  • MCBAP Branding honor-marcomaward-icon
  • MSU: I am a Social Worker Branding Campaign honor-marcomaward-icon
  • OTM Logo and Signage merit-addyaward-icon
  • Slaying the Ad Dragon Copywriting gold-marcomaward-icon


Media Production

  • “Adventures” Theme Music Composition bronze-addyaward-icon
  • ASK “A Different Kind of Company” Video Campaign silver-addyaward-icon
  • ASK “Productivity Meters” Video Campaign silver-addyaward-icon
  • A Spartan Wish of Joy to the World platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Autumn Moon Product Photography honor-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Battle for the Mitten Logo Animation gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Beyond Behavior 3D Brain Animation platinum-marcomaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon
  • Bishop Airport TV Commercial Series platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Call to Prayer in Zanzibar Photography silver-addyaward-icon honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Courage Campaign “Up in Smoke” top3-reedaward-icon
  • Ele’s Place “Ari’s Theme” Musical Composition gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Ele’s Place: The Reynolds Family Video honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Empty Self-Promotion Video gold-marcomaward-icon silver-addyaward-icon
  • Evolvefest Animated Teaser Video silver-addyaward-icon honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Holiday Magic From The MSU College Of Music bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Introduction to Plichta Business Services Video honor-marcomaward-icon
  • IQ FIT: Intake & Assessment Video honor-marcomaward-icon
  • IQ FIT: This is Not a Gym Video Campaign platinum-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Judgment Television Ad gold-pollyaward-icon
  • LCC Animated Ads Series platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Los Angeles Democratic Party “No Sale” silver-addyaward-icon
  • Marketing Wall Photography bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • MCTA: The Power of Real honor-marcomaward-icon
  • MCTA: What's Better for the Environment honor-marcomaward-icon
  • MCTA: What's Better for your Family honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Michigan Christmas Tree Association: The Power of Real silver-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • MMLA “What’s that Sound” Social Media Video gold-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • MSU MS in Business Analytics Video Campaign merit-addyaward-icon merit-addyaward-icon
  • MSU’s Billman Music Pavilion: A New Era Begins Video gold-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Office Party: Pandemic Style Video gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Oldham Project Gala Videos best-addyaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon silver-addyaward-icon
  • Oldham Theme Music Composition silver-addyaward-icon
  • Purple Carrot Truck Website merit-addyaward-icon
  • RD3D 3D Demo Reels silver-addyaward-icon
  • Red Haven Video Campaign platinum-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Replay Video honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Rivals: Battle for the Mitten Teaser honor-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Sycamore Creek: We Hit Different Campaign honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Tantra University Animated Logo Video gold-marcomaward-icon silver-addyaward-icon
  • The Roof Cleaner Video gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Voices4Equality “Impossible” top3-reedaward-icon


Online & Interactive

  • Addis Enterprises Website platinum-marcomaward-icon platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Balance Concierge Website merit-addyaward-icon
  • Bishop Airport Website gold-marcomaward-icon gold-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Blue Water Community Action Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Capital Area District Libraries Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • CBE International Website platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • CEDAM Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Community Construction Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Dart Development Website silver-addyaward-icon
  • ImprovingMIPractices Website honor-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • MCTA Website honor-marcomaward-icon
  • MSU College of Arts & Letters Website bronze-addyaward-icon
  • MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • MSU School of Nursing Website honor-marcomaward-icon
  • MSU Student Athlete Support Services Website bronze-addyaward-icon
  • National Tribal Child Support Association Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Plas-Labs Website gold-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Protégé Academy Website gold-marcomaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon gold-addyaward-icon
  • RD Website gold-addyaward-icon
  • Red Haven Website Design gold-addyaward-icon silver-addyaward-icon honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Red Haven Website Responsive Programming honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Simplified Tax & Accounting Website platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Slaying the Ad Dragon: Interactive Audio Adventure gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Sound Solutions Website silver-addyaward-icon
  • The Roof Cleaner Website honor-marcomaward-icon
  • WICSEC Website gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Women's Center of Lansing Website honor-marcomaward-icon


Graphic & Print Design

  • Addis Enterprises Business Cards gold-marcomaward-icon bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Adventures Print Brochure platinum-marcomaward-icon silver-addyaward-icon
  • AE Team Trading Cards bronze-addyaward-icon
  • Andy Snitzer: A Beautiful Dream CD & Single Packaging gold-marcomaward-icon
  • Battle for the Mitten Posters gold-addyaward-icon honor-marcomaward-icon
  • Journey to Cassiopeia Book Cover platinum-marcomaward-icon
  • Patty Loveless “When Fallen Angels Fly” CD Design best-addyaward-icon
  • Peconic Lawn & Tree Care Print Campaign gold-addyaward-icon
  • Phil Denny “The Messenger” CD Design merit-addyaward-icon
  • Slaying the Ad Dragon: Promotional Book Design gold-marcomaward-icon
  • The Eaton 3D Cover Artwork honor-marcomaward-icon