Cassie Saleh

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Cassie is an educator and lifelong learner and is always eager to teach everyone willing to listen to her ramble on about her latest obsessions. She is a tech guru who loves learning the latest trends in educational technology and will be the guinea pig to determine how well things work. She is well versed in educational practices, theories, and trends. She has an eye for intricate details, is an organizational nut, and will happily bleed all over someone's writing to make it even better.

When Cassie is not working, she can be found curled up in her favorite recliner, under a warm fuzzy blanket, surrounded by her cats, with a drink in hand reading. If she is not reading, she is running rampant around the house chasing one of her three kids, playing video games with her husband, stabbing fabric over and over to make a cross-stitch, or in the kitchen baking some sort of tasty treat. She truly is a nerd at heart and will talk your ear off about historical events, the current video game she is playing, or the last book that she read and why you should read it.